French-Napoleon III-sculptural-bronze-conical-pendulum-antique-clock-Farcot-Laurent-mystery-striking

A fine French sculptural mantel clock with conical pendulum, Farcot and Laurent circa 1870


The case

The moulded break front black marble base has scrolls to the sides. It is surmounted by a finely cast and chiseled sculpture of an elegant lady. The beautifully patinated bronze is signed Laurent on the gilt base. She holds a gilt hour glass in the one hand. In the other she holds the gilt conical pendulum with a blue bob adourned with gilt stars.

The movement

The movement is driven by spring barrels and has a duration of 8 days. It strikes the hours and half hours on a bell. The front plate is skeletonised and visible through the center of the dial.

The dial

The silvered chapter ring is set in a gilt bronze cartouche and has gilt applied Roman numerals. The hands are made of blued steel.

The makers

E. Farcot was listed as clockmaker from 1858 on at the Rue des Trois Bornes. He took out several patents on clock making among which several on a conical pendulums between 1865 and 1872. He exhibited conical mantel clocks at the London exhibition of 1862 and the Paris exhibition of 1867. He worked until circa 1890. For the statues of his clocks he worked together with Eugéne Laurent (1832 – 1898).
Literature; Tardy, Dictionnaire des Horlogers Français, pp.220. Dereks Roberts, Mystery, Novelty & Fantasy clocks, pp. 123- 126.


(Height) 94 cm (Width) 37 cm (Depth) 24 cm
(Height) 28.7 in (Width) 14.6 in (Depth) 9.4 in




Farcot & Laurent Paris

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