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Dutch Frisian wall clock soldier automaton 1800

A Dutch Frisian wall clock, walking soldier automaton, circa 1790


movement with half hour striking and walking soldier automaton, oak case.

26.5-cm polychrome painted dial with Roman numerals and landscape centre, pierced brass hands and alarm disc, flowers in the lower corners and deities above flanking n aperture with a soldier walking to the beat of the pendulum n front of a manor, weight driven posted brass movement with half hour countwheel striking and alarm on a bell, oak case with break arch hood with folate pierced frets under the three urn finials, short tail with gilt lead ‘Father Time’ lenticle.


(Height) 120 cm (Width) 35 cm (Depth) 23 cm
(Height) 47.2 in (Width) 13.8 in (Depth) 9.1 in



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