A Small English Brass Bound Rosewood Library Timepiece By Mc Cabe London, Circa 1840
A Fine French Empire Ormolu And Bronze Mantel Clock By Bronzier Claude Galle, Circa 1810
An English Table Clock With Date And Moonphase For The Dutch Market, James Smith, Circa 1770
A Rare French Empire Ormolu And Bronze ‘au Bon Sauvage’ Mantel Clock Lesieur à Paris, Circa 1800
A French Empire Ormolu And Patinated Bronze ‘au Bon Sauvage’ Mantel Clock, Circa 1800.
Saint Germain, French Louis XV Ormolu Quarter Repeating Mantel Timepiece, Circa 1755.
A Fine French Louis XVI Ormolu Mounted White Marble Mantel Clock, Gille L’ainé, Circa 1770
A Large French Louis XVI Lyre Mantel Clock With Oscillating Bezel, Circa 1780
A French Empire Ormolu And Bronze Mantel Clock, Trouvarelles à Paris, Circa 1800
A Fine French Louis XIV Boulle Inlaid ‘religieuse’ Clock, Gabriel Duval A Paris, Circa 1690
A Miniature Swiss Silver And Shagreen Table Timepiece, Circa 1900
A Rare Miniature English Quarter Repeating Table Clock By Rimbault, Circa 1740
A Rare And Impressive Dutch Musical And Quarter Chiming Bracket Clock, Andries Vermeulen, Circa 1730
A Fine French Empire Ormolu And Bronze Urn Mantel Clock, Circa 1800
A French Empire Ormolu Urn Mantel Clock Angevin A Paris, Circa 1810
A French Louis XVI Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock, Les Corsaires, Le Nepveu, Circa 1770
A French Empire Patinated And Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock, La Lectura, Circa 1800
A Miniature Austrian Boulle And Ivory ‘Zappler’ Timepiece, Circa 1840
An English Gilt Brass Table Clock In The Manner Of Thomas Cole, Circa 1860
A French Gilt Atmos Timepiece, J.L. Reutter, Circa 1930
An Austrian Engraved ‘zappler’ Wall Timepiece, Weltz S. Pölten, Circa 1780
An English Ebonized Quarter Striking Table Clock, Stephen Rimbault, Circa 1750
A Small English Ebonised Table Clock, James Wittit London, Circa 1740
A French Empire Ormolu Mantel Clock ‘War And Peace’, Circa 1800.