A Rare And Small English Brass Travel Wall Clock, William Webster London, Circa 1730
A Small French Ormolu Quarter Repeating Cartel Wall Timepiece, Martinot A Paris, Circa 1800
A Rare Miniature French Brass Striking And Alarm Lantern Clock, Circa 1750
A Rare French Gilt Bronze Mounted Kingswood Bracket Clock By Planchon, Circa 1890
A Small Austrian Engraved Brass Wall Clock, Peter Lazarus Wien, Circa 1750
A Miniature Austrian Neo Gothic Gilt Brass Mounted Ebony ‘brettl’ Wall Timepiece, Circa 1840
An Impressive English Oak Longcase Regulator, Armstrong Manchester Circa 1880
An English Brass Lantern Clock With Wings, Thomas Taylor Holborne London, Circa 1680
A French Louis XV Ormolu ‘cartel D’alcove’, Wall Clock, Etienne Dechamp Paris, Circa 1750
A Small Swiss Louis XVI Ebonised Quarter Striking Bracket Clock, DuComun, Circa 1780
A Rare German Black Forest Miniature Sorg Wall Clock With Alarm, Circa 1840
A Rare Dutch Provincial ‘Twente’ Polychrome Painted Stoeklok, Spraekel, Circa 1770.
A Rare Dutch Walnut Hooded Wall Clock By Jacob Hasius, Circa 1725.
A Small German Polychrome Striking And Alarm Wall Clock, Circa 1860
A Small German Polychrome Striking And Alarm Wall Clock, Circa 1860
A South German Louis XVI Polychrome And Parcel Gilt Rack Wall Timepiece, Circa 1780
A Small Swiss ‘Neuchâteloise’ Alarm Wall Timepiece, Circa 1740
An Austrian Engraved ‘zappler’ Wall Timepiece, Weltz S. Pölten, Circa 1780
A Swiss Provincial ‘religieuse’ Wall Clock, Circa 1680
A French Balance Lantern Clock , C.F. Suedois Angers, Circa 1650
An Early French Lantern Timepiece, Rousseau A Lyon, Circa 1665
A South German Polychrome Wall Clock, Circa 1710
A Swiss ‘Kuhschwanz’ Alarm Wall Timepiece, Circa 1720
A Fine English Mahogany Dial Wall Timepiece, Circa 1820.
A Fine French Morbier Wall Clock P.A. Brocard, Circa 1730
An Engraved French Alarm Lantern Timepiece, Circa 1740
An Early German Black Forest Cuckoo Wall Clock, Circa 1830
A French Iron And Brass Lantern Clock By Couchon A Paris, Circa 1725
An English Brass Lantern Clock Richard Hindmore London, Circa 1730