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Austrian engraved brass Zappler wall clock Weber St Pölten 1780

An Austrian engraved ‘zappler’ wall timepiece, Weltz S. Pölten, circa 1780


2 1/2 day movement with alarm, very fine engraved brass front.

10.7-cm engraved brass chapter ring with Roman numerals and five minute arches, blued steel diamond hands and engraved brass alarm disc, foliate engraved centre with mock pendulum, signed above Weltz S: Pölten,  spring-driven movement with verge escapement and alarm on a bell of 2 1/2 day duration, iron case with hind foot and hoop and spurs for mounting on the wall.

The signature is probably of Johann Georg Weltz of Pölten Austria who worked in the last quarter of the 18th C. A number of clocks of his hand are still known. Lit. Jürgen Abeler, Meister der Uhrmacherkunst, pp. 591


(Height) 17 cm (Width) 19 cm (Depth) 9.5 cm
(Height) 6.7 in (Width) 7.5 in (Depth) 3.7 in


€ 7.250


Weltz S: Pölten

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