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French-gilt-brass-carriage-antique-clock-travel-sculptural-exhibition-Paul Garnier-Paris-alarm-repeating-malachite
French-Drocourt-carriage Clock-rococo Case-antique Clock-Sevres-porcelain-gilt Bronze-Turin
French-gilt Brass-engraved-carriage Clock-antique Clock-striking-repeating-travel Clock
Swiss Gilt Carriage Miniature Repeater 1870
French Gilt Cloisonné Enamel Repeater Carriage Clock 1870
A Miniature French Cloisonne And Ivory Carriage Timepiece, Circa 1880
French Gilt Gorge Giant Carriage Clock Drocourt 1870
French Brass Corniche Carriage Clock Repeater 1860
French Gilt Carriage Clock Jugendstil Repeater Frost 1890
French Gorge Carriage Clock Repeater Alarm 1880
French Gorge Carriage Clock Porcelain Repeater 1880
Swiss Miniature Silver Blue Guilloche Enamel Timepiece 1900
Frenchgilt Quarter Striking Corniche Carriage Clock 1880
French Gilt Brass Anglaise Carriage Clock Repeater 1880
French Corniche Quarter Striking Margaine Carriage Clock 1880
French Corinthian Carriage Clock Jacot Repeater 1890
Swiss Miniature Silver Guilloche Enamel 1900
French Corniche Carriage Clock Grottendieck Repeater 1870
Swiss Miniature Silver Guilloche Enamel 1900
Swiss Miniature Silver Guilloche Enamel Timepiece 1900
French Gilt Canele Carriage Clock Repeater Alarm Circa 1890
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