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A French porcelain mounted gilt carriage clock,circa 1880


8-day movement with rack half hour striking and alarm, gilt brass gorge case inset with hand painted porcelain panels with monogram SL

7.5-cm polychrome porcelain dial with Roman cartouche numerals within a landscape, alarm subsidiary below, flower garland centre and fine blued steel pear hands, movement with platform anchor escapement numbered 439 of 8-day duration, rack half hour striking on a gong, repeating on demand, alarm, gilt brass gorge case with fine mouldings inset to the sides with porcelain panels marked SL showing a noble lady and gentleman both with a letter, front, top and back with beveled glass panels.


(Height) 19.0 cm (Width) 10.0 cm (Depth) 8.6 cm
(Height) 7.5 in (Width) 3.9 in (Depth) 3.4 in


€ 8.500

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