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A French Art Deco chrome electric table clock, Bulle Clock, circa 1920.


The Dial

The 9-cm octagonal dial has Arabic numerals and is signed BULLE CLOCK Breveté S.G.D.G. patented. The straight hands are lacquered black.

The Movement

The pendulum is suspended by a steel suspension spring and has a electric coiled bob running over a curved electro magnet. The oscillation of the pendulum switches the magnet on and off keeping it swinging. This oscillation is used to turn the hands.

The Case

The rectangular chromed case has beveled glass panels on all sides. The clip for the 1.5-volt battery is adapted to modern batteries and is fitted at the bottom. The clock will run for over a year on a single battery.


(Height) 23 cm (Width) 15.5 cm (Depth) 12.5 cm
(Height) 9 in (Width) 6.1 in (Depth) 4.9 in




Bulle clock

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