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French electric brillie regulator Leroy&Cie 1910

A French electric Brillié wall timepiece, circa 1910


electrical movement, marble backplate, beveled glass panels in a brass frame.

The enamel dial of this still modern looking clock is signed for the retailer L. Leroy & Cie, Paris 7 Boul.d de la Madeleine.
It has Roman numerals and an attractive sweep seconds hand.

The wheel work of the hands is driven by the pendulum which keeps moving because of an electro magnet which is swiched on an off. An arrangement for the rate is below.

The whole is mounted on a white marble back plate. The glass and brass case is suspended on this back plate.


(Height) 50 cm (Width) 25 cm (Depth) 14.5cm
(Height) 19.7 in (Width) 9.8 in (Depth) 5.7 in




L. Leroy & Cie

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