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French-Reutter-nickel plated-atmos clock-Jean Louis Reutter-art deco

A French nickel plated atmos clock, J.L. Reutter, circa 1933


9-cm enamel dial with Roman numerals signed ATMOS pendule perpetuelle and below Brevets J.L. Reutter, blued steel Breguet hands, movement with a large horizontal balance slowly turning, driven by a spring wound by a mechanism turning by temperature changes numbered 2234, nickel plated brass case with glass panels to all sides, raised on a canted base.

This almost modern looking clock isn’t only fascinating because of its fine clear design. Besides this the clock holds a very interesting movement. The Swiss engineer Jean-Léon Reutter invented the atmos clock in 1928. It took him quite a while and effort to combine the torsion pendulum from the year-going anniversary clocks with his temperature sensitive device. This device consisting of a drum holding mercury in glass tube which causes the drum to turn when the mercury expands or retracts. This motion is used to wind a small spring which drives the movement. Because the clocks doesn’t need any winding because of this mechanism he called the clock a ‘pendule perpetuelle’ (perpetual mantel clock). 


(Height) 24 cm (Width) 18 cm (Depth) 16 cm
(Height) 103.1 in (Width) 21.7 in (Depth) 10.6 in




Jean-Louis Reutter

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