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French striking miniature brass table lantern clock circa 1790

A miniature French table lanternclock, circa 1790


2-day movement with half hour striking, brass case, together with its original vitrine

4.5-cm enamel dial with Roman numerals and brass fleur-des-lys hands, 2-day spring driven movement with tic-tac escapement and silk suspended pendulum, countwheel half hour striking on a bell, surmounting the brass case with gable front adourned with a geometrical pattern, surmounted by urn finials, side doors with gkass panels, the whole placed on turned feet, placed on a base, together with a vitrine with a patinated iron frame surmounted by urn finials.


(Height) 15.5 cm (Width) 6 cm (Depth) 7cm
(Height) 6.1 in (Width) 2.4 in (Depth) 2.8 in



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