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A miniature German Black Forest striking and alarm Joseph Sorg wall clock, circa 1840.


The dial

The 4.7-cm enamel dial has Roman numerals. It is fitted in a brass surround with a flower urn in the arch and flowers in the lower corners. The trefoil hands are made of blued steel and the alarm disc of brass.

The movement

The movement has wooden plates with brass bushings in which the axes turn. It is driven by weights and is of day duration. It is regulated by anchor escapement in combination with a pendulum. The clock strikes the hours and half hours by means of a countwheel on a surmounted bell. The alarm also strikes on this bell.

The case

The case is made of wood and has doors to the sides. The back has a monogram RIP. The whole is suspended by a suspension hoop and spurs.


(Height) 9.7 cm (Width) 6.1 cm (Depth) 6.3 cm
(Hoogte) 3.8 in (Breedte) 2.4 in (Diepte) 2.5 in


€ 8.500



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