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English-UK-London-mahogany-Georgian-antique-dial-wall-pub-clock-George Clarke

A small English mahogany dial timepiece, George Clarke London, circa 1790


The dial

The 26-cm silvered and engraved dial has Roman numerals and five minute marking. It is signed George Clarke London and has a aperture for the mock pendulum. The foliate and pierced hands are made of blued steel.

The movement

The movement is driven by a mainspring in combination with fusee and gut. It has a duration of eight days. It is regulated by a verge escapement in combination with a short pendulum.

The case

The mahogany case has a brass gimbal and doors to the side and bottom.


(Diameter) 32 cm, (Depth) 15 cm
(Diameter) 12.6 in, (Depth) 5.9 in




George Clarke London

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