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A Swiss ‘Nicole Frères’ cylinder music box, circa 1870


The spring driven mechanism is signed NICOLE FRERES A GENEVE and 41723. It plays one of six airs with a 28 cm. cylinder on a fine toothed comb signed Nicole Freres. On the left of the mechanism is a fixed winding lever, on the right there are the three operating levers. One for change/repeat of the melody, one for play/stop playing, one for instant stop playing. The lid of the box is veneered with rosewood and has a central marquetry panel with flowers. On the inside of the lid is the tune sheet which is identically signed and numbered. The airs are;

  1. Marche,  op. Africaine  by Meyerbeer.
  2. Erase moi tonnerre, op. Africaine  by Meyerbeer.
  3. Scene du Maneenilles, op. Africaine by Meyerbeer.
  4. No no undrai,  La Traviata     by Verdi.
  5. Faust Valse   by Gounod.
  6. Fanfare,  Faust  by Gounod.

This fine mechanical instrument plays very well and clear. Play the videos and hear for yourself.


(Height) 12.5 cm (Width) 46.5 cm (Depth) 17 cm
(Height) 4.9 in (Width) 18.3 in (Depth) 6.7 in




Nicole Frères Geneve

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