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Swiss-music box-rosewood-cylinder-musical-mechanical music

A Swiss rosewood cylinder music box by Ducommun Girod circa 1860.


brass spring driven mechanism with fixed winding handle plays one of four airs as listed on the tunesheet with a 20.5-cm cylinder on a single comb, rectangular box with rosewood veneered lid and string inlay, the box plays very well and clear.

  1. Marche Militaire                                       Strauss
  2. La Coquette à Sa..                                     Strauss
  3. Valse de Strauss                                        Strauss
  4. (?) Flotte Suroche Quadrille No. 1        Schubert


(Height) 12.5 cm (Width) 39.5 cm (Depth) 17.5 cm
(Height) 4.9 in (Width) 15.6 in (Depth) 6.9 in




Ducommun Girod

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