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Swiss-rosewood-cylinder music box-mermod freres-1880

A Swiss rosewood ‘sublime harmony piccolo’ cylinder music box, Mermod Frères, circa 1880


brass spring-driven mechanism with double motor and fixed winding handle, playing one of eight airs with a 36.5-cm pinned cylinder on a double comb, levers for play/stop and change/repeat, melody indicator, rectangular faux bois box with rosewood and flower marquetry veneered lid.


  1. Hesperius Waltzer                        Lumbye
  2. Tout à la Joue polka                     Fahrbach
  3. Cachucha Waltzer                         Fahrbach
  4. Arpeggiata Valse                           Ascher
  5. Mandolinata                                  Paladilhe
  6. Amaryllis – air de Louis XIII      Ghys
  7. Choer des Soldats – Faust           Gounod
  8. Seufzer Waltzer                             Graun



(Height) 17.5 cm (Width) 68 cm (Depth) 25 cm
(Height) 6.9 in (Width) 26.8 in (Depth) 9.8 in




Mermod Frères

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