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A very rare German ‘Sorg’ blinking eyes Napoleon wall clock, circa 1830


Day-going movement with blinking eyes automaton and hour striking on a gong, fruit wood case.

4.7-cm enamel dial with Roman numerals and steel hands, polychrome painted iron surround with Napoleon in an oval, his eyes connected to the going train of the weight-driven movement with anchor escapement, countwheel hour striking on a gong, fruit wood case with doors to both sides, back marked No. 110.

Joseph Sorg specialized himself in making small wall clocks that would become collector’s items because of their rarity and lovely small dimensions. A few other makers started making them but Sorg’s name stuck to the type. Even more rare are the versions with a painted animal or figure whose eyes will move from side to side due to a connection to the pendulum. Although amusing the depicted figure is not always very attractive to look at. Such a rare clock with the well painted historical figure of Napoleon is to our opinion befitting to a museum or any clock collection.


(Height) 15 cm (Width) 12 cm (Depth) 9.5 cm
(Height) 5.9 in (Width) 4.7 in (Depth) 3.7 in



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