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A Dutch Frisian miniature polychrome ‘schippertje’ alarm wall clock, circa 1800


The dial

The 9-cm wide polychrome painted dial has Roman numerals. Above the chapter ring is a painted landscape with a village near water with ships. In the lower corners there are painted roses. The pierced hands and alarm disc are made of brass.

The movement

The weight driven movement has well turned brass posts and has a duration of a day. It is regulated with a verge escapement with a short fixed pendulum. The movement has half hour striking by means of countwheel striking and alarm on a bell.

The case

The polychrome painted wooden case and the dial are adourned by pierced cast gilt lead ornaments. The movement is housed in an iron case with doors to the sides. The wall bracket has mermaids to the sides.

schippertje – little skipper

The term ‘schippertje’or rather ‘stoelschippertje’ which means little skipper are rare miniature ‘stool clocks’. The were used on tug boats pulled by donkeys or horses. The combination of the verge escapement and short fixed pendulum make that this clock will run on even when a little a skew. Because of their small dimensions they are easy to place in an interior and have an endearing charm. The fact that these small clocks are very rare makes them also sought after by collectors and connoisseurs.


Height 33 cm., Width 16.5 cm., Depth 13.5 cm.
(Height) 13 in (Width) 6.5 in (Depth) 5.3 in



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