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French mahogany ships barometer Charles X

A French mahogany ship’s barometer, Charlet au Havre, circa 1820


The barometer has silvered and engraved scales signed Charlet Opticien au Havre and a vernier. The beautifully moulded turned mahogany case is surmounted by a brass finial and suspended in brass gimbals.

A barometer was an important instrument that helped the owner to establish his own weather forecast by checking the changes in barometric pressure. One can only imagine how precious a good barometer was for seamen depending on its reliance for their safety. Today it might be very necessary but it remains a lovely object with an interesting history.


(Height) 95 cm (Width) 12 cm (Depth) 21 cm
(Height) 37.4 in (Width) 4.7 in (Depth) 8.3 in


€ 4.750


Charlet, Le Havre

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