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A large and rare brass quarter striking and alarm Capucine travel clock, Gillet ainé, circa 1820.


The dial

The 12-cm enamel dial has Roman numerals is signed Gillet ainé à Clermont. The Breguet hands and alarmhand are made of blued steel. The dial is fitted in a finely chiselled relief bezel. Above XII is an arched subsidiary for fast/slow (R/A).

The movement

The plated movement is driven by two spring barrels and has a duration of eight days. It is being regulated by anchor escapement in combination with a silk suspended pendulum. For every quarter the clock has a double stroke on two bells by means of rack striking. For every hour the clock strikes a single stroke on the large bell. This sequence of quarters for the first three quarters and the hours only is called ‘petite sonnerie’. When the repetition lever is tripped, the clock repeats the last stroke. Finally the clock has an alarm that is driven by a auxiliary spring barrel with pull winding. The alarm is set with the alarm hand.

The case

The rectangular brass case is surmounted by a handle with a ornamental urn. On the corners are four further ornamental urns. There are doors to the back and sides giving access to the movement. The whole is raised on turned toupee feet.


(Height) 36 cm (handle up) (Width) 15.5 cm (Depth) 10 cm
(Height) 14.2 in (handle up) (Width) 6.1 in (Depth) 3.9 in




Gillet ainé à Clermont

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