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A miniature Frisian polychrome wall clock, circa 1800


9.6-cm polychroome dial with Roman numerals, rozes to the lower corners and two cherubs above flanking a basket of plenty, brass hands, day-going weight-driven movement with verge escapement and fixed short pendulum, polychrome bracket with mermaids to the sides and adourned with pierced gilt lead ornaments.

This little clock looks almost the same as his bigger brother ‘The Stoelklok’ with its painted dial and gilt lead ornaments. Apparently these clocks were used on barges that were towed by man or horse. Hence the name ‘Schippertje’ which means little skipper. The low and fairly narrow quarters allowed only for a small clock. And the verge escapement combined with a short fixed pendulum even allows the clock to run even when it is a little tilted.


(Height) 33 cm (Width) 16 cm (Depth) 13 cm
(Height) 13 in (Width) 6.3 in (Depth) 5.1 in



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