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Swiss brass iron zappler wall clock alarm 1720

A Swiss ‘Kuhschwanz’ alarm wall timepiece, circa 1720


5-day movement with alarm, iron and brass case.

19.5-cm arched dial with hammered brass dial adourned with cherubs and wheatear border, applied engraved brass chapter ring with Roman numerals and five minute marking, foliate pierced blued steel hands and brass alarm disc, 5-day weight driven movement with iron plates and square pillars, verge escapement and front pendulum with brass bob, alarm on a bell, iron case with doors to the sides and hung with hoop and spurs.


(Height) 26 cm (Width) 19.5 cm (Depth) 17.5 cm
(Height) 10.2 in (Width) 7.7 in (Depth) 6.9 in


€ 9.500

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