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French gilt brass anglaise striking alarm musical antique travel carriage clock Breguet Paris-

A very rare French gilt striking carriage clock and musical mechanism, Breguet circa 1860.


The dial

The 5.5-cm wide enamel dial has Roman numerals and blued Breguet hands. The dial is fitted in a gilt mask with a subsidiary for alarm below.

The movement

The movement is driven by two spring barrels and is of eight day duration. It is being regulated by a platform lever escapement in combination with a bi-metallic balance with adjustment screws. The clock strikes the hours and half hours by means of rack striking on a gong. The musical mechanism with two melodies playing with a pinned cylinder on a steel comb is activated by the alarm when it is wound. The alarm can also strike on the gong when the auxiliary spring barrel is wound. The back plate is signed Breguet 2408.

The case

The gilt brass case is surmounted by a handle and has a beveled glass panel revealing the functioning escapement. It has fluted columns in between which beveled glass panels are fitted. The base is raised on flat feet. With its angular handle and rectangular base the type of this case is called ‘Anglaise’. The musical mechanism can be wound and the melodies changed at the bottom.


(Height) 20 cm (handle up) (Width) 10.2 cm (Depth) 9 cm
(Height) 7.9 in (handle up) (Width) 4 in (Depth) 3.5 in


€ 12.500



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