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An unusual English brass travel clock with repeat and alarm, Rentzsch London, circa 1830


The dial

The 9.5-cm wide silvered and engraved dial has Roman numerals and is signed Rentzsch London. The clock has finely pierced blued steel hands and alarm setting hand.

The movement

The double fusee and chain movement has a duration of eight days. It is being regulated by an English lever escapement in combination with a balance. The clock strikes the hours on a bell by means of rack striking. It repeats the hours when the button on the top is pushed. The alarm has a separate spring barrel which can be wound from the front. The alarm can also be set with a key from the front. The backplate is also signed Rentzsch London.

The case

The brass drum case has feet and a suspension hoop. It can therefore both be placed on a surface or hung on the wall. With the clock comes a matching wall hook.

The maker

Sigismund Rentzsch is recorded working from 1813 until 1844 at St James Square. He was watchmaker to the King and Queen and Royal Family. He took out patents for a water clock and a chronometer escapement. Brian Loomes, Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World, complete 21st Century edition, pp. 648.


(Height) 13.5 cm (Width) 11.2 cm (Depth) 9.2 cm
(Height) 5.3 in (Width) 4.4 in (Depth) 3.6 in




Rentzsch London

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